Tikhaya Bay and the Klokovsky Waterfall

The Torii Gate marked the sacred grounds of the Higashi Shiraura Inari Jinja Shinto Shrine, which was opened in 1914. The Torii (or the archway to the Shinto Shrine) bears the inscription “In honor of the 2600th anniversary of the founding of Great Japan” - this mythological date was widely celebrated in 1940. The top platform offers a great view of the village, the sea, and the hills. You can see seals through the binoculars installed here.

Tikhaya Bay is a unique natural area, located in the Makarovsky district, 130 km from Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. The bay is located in the Terpeniya (Patience) Gulf, on the eastern coast of Sakhalin. The bay was named “Tikhaya” (meaning “quiet”) by the first Russian navigator Ivan Kruzenshtern. The view to the bay is obstructed by the Zhdanko Ridge, if seen from the road.

The Klokovsky waterfall is one of the highest waterfalls on Sakhalin. It is located on an unnamed stream not far from Cape Klokova, hence the name. The height of the waterfall is 48 meters (it varies depending on the season).

5 000 ₽ / person

Additional services

Additionally, lunch is served

Photo and video shooting — 5 000 ₽

Additional services

The Auto Tour to Tikhaya Bay and the Klokovsky Waterfall is intended for the whole day. Tour participants gather at 7:00 am at Ploshchad' Pobedy, in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

You must take with you the following: comfortable shoes, weather-appropriate clothing.

On the way to Tikhaya Bay, we stop near the Torii Gate (for 30 minutes). Thereafter we stop at the Klokovsky Waterfall (for 1 hour) and visit Tikhaya Bay (for 2 hours). During the tour, we provide tea and seafood soup. The return time is about 6 pm.